Thank you for your interest in applying for a position with our Council.

Please take the time to read the follo

wing information listed below to assist you in preparing for your on-line application and understanding Council's recruitment and selection process.



How and where to find a job

 We advertise our jobs in the following locations:

  • Auburn City Council Website via the Ezi Career Website
  • Sydney Morning Herald
  • Daily Telegraph Newspaper
  • Local Newspapers, particularly the "Review"
  • Internet job sites such as or the Local Government Job sites.


Once you have found a job that you would like to apply for, you should collect as much information about the job as you can, using the following sources:

ADVERTISEMENT: The advertisement for the role will provide you with the basic details of the role.

POSITION DESCRIPTION: The position description covers the details of the skills, knowledge and abilities (Qualifications and Experience) required for the role. You should read and familiarise yourself with the position description. The position description can be found on the Home Page - Latest Position on the side bar of our website.

CONTACT PERSON: All queries regarding the position should be directed to the contact person as stated in the advertisement.

COUNCIL WEBSITE: The Council website can provide you with information about the community, services, functions and the Council in general. Use it to assist when writing your application.


Application Process

Your application will be assessed by how well you demonstrate that you possess the essential and desirable criteria for the position and only those applicants who can show that they meet the selection criteria will be short-listed for interview. 

Acknowledgment of your application

You will receive an online acknowledgement of your application. 

If you do not hear from Auburn City Council within four weeks, then unfortunately your application will have been unsuccessful on this occasion.



Notification of interview

If you are selected for an interview you will be contacted by a member of the selection panel and notified of the following:

  • venue, date and time; and
  • any additional materials required by the selection panel, such as samples 
      of work, evidence of qualifications and proof of your eligibility to work in 
  • If you do receive an invitation to attend an interview,  please take the 
     opportunity to make us aware of any special requirements you may have,
     such as the need of a sign language interpreter or wheelchair access etc.


The following information has been compiled to assist you in putting together your application. To give you the best possible opportunity of securing an interview, it is recommended that your application include the following components:



1. Covering letter

Your covering letter should concisely highlight your qualifications, skills and experience and why you believe you are the best applicant for the position.


2. Resume

Your resume should provide details of your qualifications, employment history and interests. Ideally, it should be no more than 3-4 pages long and formatted to ensure easy reading. Any important or relevant information should be well highlighted so that panel members don't have to search for the information they require!

It is also essential to provide the names and telephone numbers of at least two referees who can be contacted to comment on your past employment and work performance.

Please do not attach original copies of any educational qualifications or written references to your resume.


3. Claims against selection criteria document

Please refer to the advertisement for the qualifications, knowledge, skills and experience you will need to effectively perform the duties and responsibilities of the vacant position.

A separate statement should be written to answer each selection criterion setting out how you meet each one.


The interview

To ensure a fair and consistent approach, applicants are asked the same set predetermined questions based upon the selection criteria.

Each applicant is also given the same opportunity to emphasise any additional strengths, experience and/or skills which will strengthen their case and to ask questions of the panel members.

Please note that should you claim to have attained certain professional or academic qualifications, you will be required to produce originals or certified copies of such qualifications at the interview.

If appropriate, you may also be required to provide written permission for HR to contact the relevant educational institution for verification purposes.

Falsely claiming qualifications will lead to instant dismissal (should you be appointed to the position) and/or prosecution for any relevant offence.



After the interview

After the interview, the selection panel carefully considers all of the applicants' responses to the questions before selecting 2-3 preferred applicants.

Please note that if you are a preferred applicant, you will be required to:

  • attend a pre-employment functional assessment (at Council's expense);
  • provide documentation of your eligibility to work in Australia (e.g. birth
     certificate, passport, Australian Citizenship Certificate or a certificate of
     permanent residency status);
  • provide original or certified documentation of any academic qualifications you
     have attained if you haven't already done so; and
  • if applying for a child-related position, you will need to provide your consent 
     allow us to conduct the required working with children checks. The forms are
     available by clicking on the link


Once all appropriate checks have been completed the selection panel meets to discuss the results before making their final recommendation for appointment to the General Manager.



Job Application Checklist

Before sending in your application, please ensure that you have included the following documents:



3.     RESUME 





Points to Remember


  • Use Spell check
  • Be positive in the language you use
  • Include examples of your achievements and level of responsibility
  • Avoid the use of plural, eg we implemented.
  • We are interested in hearing about you.
  • Clearly identify the Position Title and Position Number as quoted in the


Late applications

Applications received after the closing date will only be accepted in exceptional circumstances.

Applicants are responsible for ensuring they meet the closing date.

The closing date appears in each position vacant advertisement.


Multiple Applications

If you are applying for more than one position with Council you will need to submit a separate application for each position.

This is because the Claims against the Selection Criteria for each position will be different.

Additionally, Council does not retain your application for future position vacancies.

If a vacancy is re-advertised, it is recommended that you re-apply for this position.


Overseas Qualifications

If you have qualifications from overseas you are encouraged to attach a copy of an assessment of your qualifications by the Australian Education International - National Office of Overseas Skills Recognition (AEI-NOOSR) to your application.

Your application may not be considered without this assessment.

You can obtain more information about this assessment service by checking their website at or by phoning 1300 363 079.



Equal employment opportunity (EEO) and the merit principle

Auburn City Council is an equal opportunity employer.

We seek to employ a workforce that values the individual contribution of people irrespective of gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, disability, race, colour, ethnic or national origin and creed.

When determining who has the greatest merit for appointment to a position, we consider the following:

  • The nature and the duties of the position and how your abilities, 
      qualifications, experience, standard of work performance and personal 
      qualities are relevant to the performance of those duties.

If  you are appointed to a position in Council that supervises or manages other staff members your responsibilities will also include:

  • Taking steps to ensure all work practices and behaviours are fair in the 
  • Ensuring the work environment is free from bullying and all forms of 
     discrimination and harassment;
  • Ensuring employment, training and staff development opportunities 
     are provided and based on merit;
  • Ensuring selection processes are transparent and the selection methods
     used are consistent.
  • EEO Management Plan


Work Health and Safety  (WHS)

Auburn City Council is committed to ensuring a safe and healthy workplace for all its employees, customers and visitors. It strives to ensure that all Council premises, systems of work and any plant or substance provided for use by employees at work are safe and without risks to health.

Moreover, Council is committed to providing employees with the information, instruction, training and supervision necessary to ensure their health and safety at work.

As a staff member of Auburn City Council you have a responsibility to take reasonable care of the health and safety of yourself and others and to co-operate with Council's Policies and our efforts to comply with work health and safety requirements.